Buying a new property can be an overwhelmingly exciting time for anyone. Whether it's your first home, next family home, or a relaxing new haven to enjoy your retirement, it's life-changing. One of the common faux pas when it comes to viewing properties however is the notion of 'falling in love at first sight.' When buyers fall in love with a property, that can often lead to them overlooking small, minor discrepancies that will start to become more annoying or expensive over time.

That's why our team of experts at Briscombe have put their heads together and complied their top 5 tips for things to look out for when viewing a property. Something to help you stay grounded when you might be falling head over heels for a property.


Location, location, location. The single most important factor to consider when purchasing your home. If you are buying your first home, you might want to ask your estate agent if the area is good for public transport links? Is it located close by to motorway links in order to get to work? Your first family home might prompt questions such as; Is this property close to good schools? What activities are in the local area for me and my family to partake in. Subsequently, if you are looking to retire and enjoy some peace and quite, perhaps you want to ask about noise levels. Whatever your situation, make sure to ask your agent. I promise we don’t bite.


This might seem menial, however, we all know silence is golden. Can you hear the people next door talking or listening to the TV? This is something to consider and something to analyse if you are willing to live with on a permanent basis.


One of the major considerations any home buyer needs to consider. Especially if you are down-sizing from your family home. Does the property have loft access to store all of your belongings? Does it have ample storage space required by your needs such as a utility room or cellar. Make sure you keep this in mind, as we all know how hard it can be to be ruthless when it comes to de-cluttering.


Smell of mould? Flaked plastering? Noticeable damp? Damp can cause many issues down the line and cause a hefty sum of money no matter who conquers the issue. Make sure you identify and iron out these problems early on.


Above all, the most important and contributing factor of all, is making sure all buyers ask themselves the all important question; “Can i see myself living here?” If you are having doubts and you aren’t sure....Move onto the next viewing. Trust me, when you know. Which brings me back round to my first point. Falling in love with a property at first sight is easy to do. Falling in love with your forever home is why we are here to help.

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